Temple Har Shalom Volunteers in Food Pantry

Temple Har Shalom Volunteers in Food Pantry

Special thanks to Michele Roepke for contributing to this article.

On Sunday morning of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, service-to-community was in action in Salt Lake City by members of Temple Har Shalom.

Harriet Berg, JFS Board Member and leader of Park City’s Temple Har Shalom (THS) Social Action Committee, helped organize a group of volunteers who traveled from Park City to Salt Lake to pack bags full of food at the Alex and Sally Lebwohl Food Pantry.

THS President and past JFS Board Member, Casey Lebwohl, Jason, and their children, Zac & Alec, were among the volunteers. The pantry holds a special place in the heart of their family, who named it in honor of Jason’s grandparents, Alex & Sally Lebwohl, in 2019.

“Truly, it’s easy to get out of bed on a weekend morning to volunteer when there’s such a wonderful place like this to come to,” Casey said. “These bags we’re all packing today will go far to sustain families throughout northern Utah and it’s the least we can do to manage the donations made to our food pantry from the Utah Food Bank, for which we’re extremely thankful.”

The Lebwohls were joined by Shelby, Zashan, & Asher Muhammedi, and Valerie, Jeff, & Jack Goldman. Lots of laughter accompanied this week’s volunteer effort.

Volunteers contribute immeasurably in a variety of capacities. If packing food bags for pick-up, organizing the food on the shelves, or helping with running the pantry desk operations sounds like a good fit for you or someone you know, please go to our Volunteer page here to sign-up or donate directly here.

Community partners and businesses also host food drives throughout the year to help keep JFS’ pantry stocked. If your organization would like to hold a food drive, please call our office at 801-746-4334.