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  • Linda had severe anxiety even before the pandemic. When Covid-19 hit, she was petrified - and became immobilized

    Your gift allowed Linda to get the high-quality care she needed but could not afford.

    In addition to her fear of the virus...

  • JFS is committed to repairing the world by helping all people get through challenges in life.

    But what happens when life sends overwhelming challenges?

    A fire. A new baby. Then Covid-19 adds job stress.

    Thanks to you, JFS was there for the Gomez family.

  • Our expert staff provides high-quality, personalized care for those who can pay and for those who cannot, even in the time of Covid-19. The Gleeful Choir, Lunch Bunches, and Caregiver Support groups are meeting over virtual channels, connecting communities even in these hard times. JFS is here for everyone.