The Change Reaction Loan Fund in Action: Farid’s Inspirational Story

Thanks to the Perlman Family and The Change Reaction Loan Fund, JFS provides interest-free loans to those in need in our community, largely helping refugees. One of the most important purchases that any immigrant in the US will make is buying a car. However, few people have enough funds to cover the cost of a car upfront, and getting a car loan can be difficult as a new immigrant. *Farid received an interest-free loan to assist in purchasing a car so he could continue to work.

Farid is a resilient 21-year-old whose remarkable journey and determination brought him to our community. After fleeing Afghanistan, he embarked on an arduous three-month journey, traveling from Brazil to San Diego on foot. From there, he made his way to Salt Lake City by bus, seeking safety and a better future.

When Farid was referred to JFS for a micro-loan, he lived in Taylorsville with his uncle. Both of them were working, earning $19 per hour at different jobs. Despite their efforts, they faced significant challenges. Their lease in Taylorsville was coming to an end, prompting them to seek more affordable housing in Herriman.

While Farid's uncle found he could commute by bus from their new apartment in Herriman, Farid’s job in American Fork was not accessible by public transportation. He had previously relied on rides from coworkers, but this wasn’t feasible once they moved to Herriman. Farid saved $1,000 for a used car and came to JFS seeking an additional $4,500 loan to purchase the car. With the micro-loan he received through JFS, Farid was able to purchase a car, enabling him to get to work. JFS received a thank you note, some of which is quoted below:

“…thank you so much for the car loan. It will change my life and I will be able to get to work to help my family and make a new life here. This car loan solves a lot of my problems and made me feel happy again.”

JFS is grateful to the Perlmans and The Change Reaction for their generous partnership and our collective impact.

*The client's name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.