Susan’s Story-Safety Net

Susan's Story-Safety Net

In this month of giving thanks, we want to share the story of a client we helped recently with financial assistance, who was filled with gratitude for the help JFS provided.

Susan* was in the process of rebuilding her life after leaving an abusive relationship. After finding a place of her own and getting two jobs to make it work, she found herself short of her rent payment. Fearing she would be evicted and homeless, Susan reached out to JFS.

Tanya Alvarado, our Safety Net Coordinator, spoke with Susan and told her that JFS could help. With $500 of extra financial support, JFS covered the remainder of her rent payment. This meant the world to Susan.

“You have no idea how much this means to me and how much of a blessing this is. I’m so, so, so grateful. I couldn't be more grateful,” she said.

“Thank you a million, billion times for this help. I'm probably too gushy with the expression of gratitude, but I feel overwhelmed by it!  I feel so grateful to have a place to call my own, to recover, to care for myself and my fried nervous system. I'm so grateful to be able to start imagining a future for myself again.  It means everything to me. This financial help is significant to me. It is helping me get my life back. Thank you so, so much.”

Escaping an abusive relationship often means losing financial security as well as the means to regain it. JFS is able to help clients like Susan make the world a little more manageable and financial independence a realistic goal.

With inflation on the rise, calls for emergency financial assistance are pouring in. In October, JFS exhausted the monthly emergency assistance funds by the second week.

“We can’t possibly help everyone, but we are here as a resource and a help for those in need,” Tanya said.