Daniel’s Story-Wrap Around Services

Emergency Assistance and COVID-19 Relief

JFS helps our clients improve their lives and work toward self-sufficiency and well-being by being able to meet their needs on multiple levels. Daniel* is a long-term counseling client who initially sought therapy as a college student who needed help for mental health issues, but couldn’t afford treatment. 

Daniel was able to access counseling through JFS’s generous sliding fee scale, and has worked successfully with his therapist to process trauma, while also working to complete his education. He faced another unexpected hurdle in his life when he needed to move, and his treatment plan was put in jeopardy.

Daniel’s therapist was able to connect him to JFS’s Emergency Financial Assistance program, which can provide “self-sufficiency” funds for existing clients, in order to maintain stability or procure essential needs. In Daniel’s case, JFS provided him help in the form of a rent payment so he was able to afford moving into a new place and relieved his concerns about becoming homeless. Being able to help clients with their needs on multiple levels through JFS’s wraparound services enables them to improve their lives, and in Daniel’s case, being able to access affordable mental healthcare services and receive financial assistance was a vital part of this work.

Daniel is enjoying his new place, and continuing to make progress through his counseling sessions. He has hope for his future. JFS is proud to be able to provide hope and healing to everyone we serve.

*The client name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.