January 04, 2023

Saltz Plastic Surgery Joins JFS as New Corporate Partner

JFS is thrilled to announce that Saltz Plastic Surgery signed on as a new Corporate Partner at the Principal Level. JFS has designed this program to provide options for businesses to engage in our mission, as well as receive more visibility and recognition for their support.

“The Saltz Family has been involved in philanthropy for many generations,” says Dr. Renato Saltz. “My grandfather Samuel Saltz left Israel (then Palestine) in 1924 to be a Hebrew teacher in South Brazil. There he built the first Jewish School, the first Jewish Shelter Facility to help Jewish immigrants that had no place to stay or needed food/money/health. My father Jayme Saltz was a leader in the State Jewish Federation since I remember, my mom worked at WIZO all her life and both supported many schools, all the synagogues, many orphanages and every cause that needed help or money. They taught us since we were kids the meaning of Tzedakah and the act of charity, goodwill and generosity. It is my honor to support JFS.” Dr. Saltz also serves as Founder & Chairman of the Image Reborn Foundation, which provides no-cost renewal retreats to women diagnosed with breast cancer and to assist them in living rich and fulfilling lives.

Is your company committed to community engagement? Do you want to build positivity, fulfillment, and team morale among your company’s leadership, and employees? Join Saltz Plastic Surgery, The Altabank, Division of Glacier Bank, Cambia Health Foundation, First Community Bank, Division of Glacier Bank, The Potashner Group at Morgan Stanley, and Summit Sotheby's International Realty as a Corporate Partner in 2023 and build community connections while helping JFS.

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