January 12, 2022

JFS Welcomes New Board Members

"Our Board of Directors is committed to building a stronger community and helping JFS continue to have the greatest impact we can," said Darcy Amiel, JFS Board President. "Each plays a role, bringing a different perspective and area of expertise to our work. We are excited to welcome six new Directors to join us in our work on behalf of JFS." 

JFS held its first meeting of the year on January 4 and welcomed a new slate of board members. The new board members include: Gabe Archuleta, Harriet Berg, Maria Estrada, Gerry Goldman, Kim McGuire, and Lisa Treiman (Officer-at-Large). They join Darcy Amiel (President), David Dowsett (President-Elect), Ann Bernstein (Vice President), John Bergerson (Treasurer), Marty Slattery (Secretary), Susan Arsht (Officer-at-Large), Kathryn Goddard, Andrew Gruber, Casey Lebwohl, Erin Litvack, Beth Levine, Donna Milavetz, and Lavine Shapiro, who will continue in their board service.

The Board is extremely grateful to the Executive Committee for its diligent and thoughtful review of qualified candidates, and thanks new and existing Board members for their willingness to serve.

JFS also extends heartfelt thanks to the Board members who ended their tenure in December - Dara Cohen, Joy Erickson (immediate Past President), Elissa Oshinsky, Steven Panish, Bob Wolff, and Lizeette Zurita.